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4/17/2019 - Novel Review - Star Trek: Legacies - Captain To Captain

Ah, the second Star Trek novel I have read all the way until the end. Let’s talk about how I feel about Star Trek. When I was in grade school, my mother, father and I would watch the newest episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation , when it first aired. I was able to pick up on the complex ideas more often than you would think, for a kid who was under ten years old, but I think that was mainly due to the stellar acting, and character development, I knew how important specific issues were, because of how they affected Data, Worf, Picard, etc. I remember seeing every Trek movie, from The Final Frontier (1989) up until the most recent, Star Trek Beyond (2016). With the exception of Generations , Nemesis and Into Darkness , I thoroughly enjoyed the other six films. I also have watched and rewatched Voyage home and the Search for Spock , over and over again on VHS and then, eventually, DVD. Even though it is more hip to say I like Star Wars, I would like to


11 years, and 21 films. In my opinion, here is the best of the very best ........ 10) Carol Danvers rises up, multiple times through her life For entries 9 through 10 on this list, I knew the exact moments I wanted to include. For the tenth spot, I had multiple candidates. It was hard to determine which moment, out of 21 movies, and eleven years of being immersed in the MCU, that could stand shoulder to shoulder with the 9 other scenes you are going to read about.  There were other moments from the movies I chose for this list, including Infinity War, Guardians Vol 1 and 2, and Black Panther, that could have fit in here. I also felt like something from Civil War , or the original Iron Man should have made the list.  In the end, This scene stood (pun intended) out among the other contenders. I go back and forth about whether Captain Marvel is a sub par film, with a few good moments, or a good film, with a few stand out moments. One thing I cannot deny is that this