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This is my third episode where I talk about the exciting Valiant comic book universe. Why are you sitting over their, pining for news about Avengers Movies and what the Snyder Cut of Justice League will actually look like? There is a whole universe of super powered characters out there, that reflects our own, troubled world. This world has a group of super powered beings known as Psiots, whose mental powers give them all kinds of crazy abilities. In Harbinger, we witness the struggle between Toyo Harada, the most powerful Psiot and his minions versus his former pupil, Peter Stancheck, and his Renegades. CHECK OUT MY VIDEO REVIEW OF HARBINGER VOL 5 - DEATH OF A RENEGADE : In Trade #5, one of the Renegades makes the ultimate sacrifice. Which one is it, though? I am not telling. I would rather tell you my points on why I thought this book was great. What did I rank it on my Clemmie Scale? You will just have to watch and see. In this video I featured artwork from the Harbing

6/3/2020 HARBINGER : PERFECT DAY (Review)

The World is a crazy place right now. I am sorry I didn't write up the review for this one. When I recorded it, I just sat in front of the camera and spewed out my review. I did cut out most of the rambling. You will have to tell me what you think of the review. Does this make you interested in Harbinger? In Valiant books? What would your Psiot Power be?