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No Beard Plaguecast Episode Seven: Marvel Universe series III card game (part three)

Man, look at Cable, right there? Is he the most 90s character of them all? Somehow he outlived all of his imitators and he is now one of my favorite Marvel characters of the current age. (That is a lie, I just remembered that a younger version of Cable shot and killed the older Cable we know and love. I am not a fan of this young cable) I am talking about Nathan Summers, here, because he is in the "X-Force" deck I created for my Marvel Universe Series III card game. If you click on the link ------ >   Here You will be able to find yet another video where I go into detail about the game. When I get a free chance tonight, I will type up all of the instructions. They should be available on here tomorrow!


Inspired by the No Beard Plaguecast, my daughters have decided to start creating their own Youtube videos. Today was an example of how this entire crisis has had a very positive side effect for me and my family. It sounds gross to say something like that, and I do believe it is still very possible that we will eventually catch Covid-19 , but at the moment we are living in the ideal environment for timid creators like Pepper and I. My nine year old daughter shows the same kind of excitement I had at her age, and still have to this day, to create even the smallest of projects and present them to others. My youtube videos are pretty lame, but I get more and more excited about the idea of improving them, and sharing them with you. I see this kind of trait in my kid as well.  I hope you enjoy the video.

No Beard Plaguecast Episode Six: Marvel Universe series III card game (part two)

I finally did it. I finally took the first steps in adding a little bit of "production" to these videos. Nothing has made me feel more like an old person, than the creation of the No Beard Plaguecast videos. I am a 37 year old guy, using inserting effects into a youtube video with about half the ability of an eleven year old kid. This is my second video explaining how to turn the Marvel Universe series III cards into a card game. I think with the third and final video, I will include a printed list of directions. 

No Beard Plaguecast Episode Five: A Card Game Using Marvel Series III cards

On Tuesday, I came up with a set of rules for a card game that would utilize the Marvel Universe series III trading cards.  This episode of the Plaguecast serves as an introduction to the Marvel cards, which were released way back in 1992. This should take me about three episodes to fully explain the mechanics of the game. If you were like me, and were a grammar school kid in the early nineties, than this game is for you.

No Beard Plaguecast Episode Four: Percy Jackson and the Olympians- The Last Olympian

We are about a week into the Quarantine situation, at least in Cedar Park. What is on the agenda for Today?  -Some Bird Watching -Maybe play a little Diablo 3 -Research how to make decent youtube videos, unlike the one right   Here Wait! I didn't make my ranking of the books I have read with Pepper, that aren't Harry Potter Books. Just remember, this list goes from books I enjoyed the most, at the top, to the books I enjoyed the least, at the bottom. Where does the Last Olympian fit? Look below: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever School for Good and Evil The Dollhouse Murders School for Good and Evil: A World Without Princes Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Bunnicula Beezus and Ramona The Girl with the Silver Eyes Ramona the Pest Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Titan's Curse Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian Percy Jackson

No Beard Plaguecast Episode Three: Percy Jackson and The Olympians- The Battle of the Labyrinth

I would say that once they once they announced that the Alamo Drafthouse was going to be closed, that was when this Quarantine situation became official, for our family in Cedar Park. I believe that was Tuesday, March 17th. St Patrick's Day!  We are now five days in. This is the third video I have been able to upload since then. I promise, they will increase in production quality. On my to do list, for today is to watch some of the many available tutorials on Youtube video creation. I appreciate you coming to my site and watching these videos. Wherever you are. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

No Beard Plaguecast Episode Two: Dresden Files - Death Masks

Alright, we are going to do this again! Check out Episode 2 of my Impromptu "Podcast" . I actually go into a little detail about the five book in the Dresden Files series.

No Beard, Plaguecast Episode One :Fire and Blood

Ha, and you thought my written reviews were directionless ramblings! Wait until you see this video