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11/24/2018 - TRADE REVIEW : Deadpool - Til Death Do us

SPOILERS Marcus - The Gladiator Centaur Werewolf, with robot legs, a symbiote ....... and Diabetes.    Just to have a call back to Marcus' initial appearance in Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet is worth the price of admission for this one.     Ever since we gave up access to the Austin Public Library, and resorted to using only the Cedar Park Library, I have occasionally found myself in desperate situations to get my comic fix. Probably what I initially considered my lowest point was when I borrowed a handful of Deadpool trades written by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn. I was not a Deadpool fan. My stock response when I answered how I felt about the Merc with the Mouth was that I only really liked him in Uncanny X-Force written by Rick Remender. That has slowly, but steadily changed. At this point, I have read almost all of the near twenty available Deadpool comic trades in the Cedar Park library, all penned by At least Duggan.    They did it. They made me like Wad