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10/29/2018 - Trade Review - Spider-Women

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who is the greatest Spider-Woman of them all? It's ok, you know the answer - It's Silk. What????? You were expecting Jessica Drew, right? I am going to have to side with the host of Aurum's comics ( I can't remember his name, at this moment. For the longest time I thought it was Aurum). He believes that Jessica should be disconnected to all of the Peter Parker Spider-Mythos stuff, and have a new, non-Spider-Woman name.     Her origins have nothing to do with Peter Parker, which is the exact opposite of the other two Spider-ladies in this book - Silk and Spider-Gwen. Silk was bitten by the same Spider that bit Peter Parker, and Spider-Gwen is the Spider-Woman from another reality, where the radioactive Spider bit Gwen Stacey, instead of Peter Parker.     If I could rank the current adventures of each of these Spider-Women, it would go as follows:   Silk   Spider-Woman     Spider-Gwen What this book does a great job with is

10/29/18 - Book Review - The Girl With The Silver Eyes

Every time I write a review of a book I read, with my, now, eight year old daughter, I post the list of all of the books we have read together, that are not Harry Potter books. here is that list: The School for Good and Evil Best Christmas Pageant Ever Tales of a Fourth grade Nothing Bunnicula Ramona The pest Black beauty Pippi Longstocking Harriet the Spy I have a few more books to add to this list. I am far behind posting reviews on here. My goal, for Goodreads, this year was to read 100 books (which includes comic book trades). I have actually surpassed that number, at this point, but I have only written a review for five of the books. Hoo Boy! The list above, of Children's books, that are not Harry Potter is in order from favorite, The School for Good and Evil , to least favorite, Harriet The Spy . If I had to place The Girl with the Silver Eyes   on that last, I think I would rank it right under Bunnicula  and just above Ramona the Pest . 5 out of 9 books? Is T