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7/4/2018 First Trade Review: Hawkeye: Vol 1 - Anchor Points

   1) Cyclops
   2) The Winter Soldier
   3) Cable
   4) Captain America
   5) X-23
   7) Hawkeye: Kate Bishop
   8) Moon Knight
   9) Psylocke
   10) Spider-Man

     Let's just get that out of the way. That is my current list of top ten favorite Marvel superheroes, and it is not based on their Netflix shows or Marvel films.
      I have loved Kate Bishop since her debut in Young Avengers. I loved her even more when Keiron Gillen brought the title back, years later. She was great, switching back and forth as a supporting character and then main character, in Matt Fraction's outstanding Hawkeye series.
    This book tries to capture the magic of the Fraction book, but often feels more like an imitation. The art style is very similar to David Aja's book, and borrows visual cues from that book as well. There are little arrows connected to caption boxes. There are caption boxes that show off what Kate is thinking as she surveys a scene.
   I wish I could say that I enjoyed Kate's adventures here as much as I did in those previously mentioned books, but it did feel more like a chore getting through this trade. There are quite a few witty moments, but none of the new supporting characters are able to form as interesting a relationship with Kate as the one she has with Clint Barton, or her fellow Young Avengers.  The resolution to the mystery behind this book isn't very interesting either. I give this book 2 out of 5 stars, an "It was Ok" on


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