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It is that time again.

Like so many other ginger haired, overweight, pale, Saturday morning cartoon T-Shirt wearing Dads, I have gone through my Seasonal Transition. I have seen a new Marvel movie, and thus, I must rank all of the movies, once again.

I want you to tell me why you disagree with some of my top 5 pics. I know one of them is certainly not a typical top 5 choice.

Here we go, from least favorite to favorite:

23) Incredible Hulk
22) Iron Man 2
21) Thor: The Dark World
20) Ant-Man
19) Captain America: The First Avenger
18) Ant-Man and the Wasp
17) Doctor Strange
16) Iron Man 3
15) Spider-Man: Far From Home
14) Thor
13) Avengers: Age of Ultron
12) Captain Marvel
11) Spider-Man: Homecoming
10) Captain America: Civil War
9) Iron Man
8) Avengers: Endgame
7) Thor: Ragnarok
6) Avengers: Infinity War
5) Captain America: Winter Soldier
4) Guardians of the Galaxy
3) The Avengers
2) Black Panther
1) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


  1. Wow far from home that low? I don't know where it lands for me yet, but I like it better than homecoming. It takes way too long to get to Spider-Man stuff, but I live theme of trying to find your place in the world and forging your own path in the shadow of someone else.


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