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No Beard Plaguecast Episode Eight - Marvel Universe Series III Play Through


   I am getting a little backed up with my Youtube Content. I have already put out episode 9 and 10 of the Plaguecast, on Youtube, at this point, and made two Cedar Park Gossip Girls videos. I didn't post episode 8 on here, until now, because I wanted to take the time to finally write out the rules I made up for this card game. 

After you read the rules below, make sure to click to watch the video:

                                         MARVEL UNIVERSE SERIES III CARD GAME

    Objective: Defeat your opponent by eliminating all twenty of their hit points.

    Needed Materials:

        1 six sided dice, needed for character attacks
        1 Twenty Sided Dice to be used as a hit point counter
        At least five smaller, six sided dice, to be used as mini hit counters on Character cards
        1 Deck of 12 Marvel Universe Series III cards.

     In the Deck you will have:

         - At least Five Character Cards. These characters can be Super Heroes, Super Villains, or Rookies
         - At least two or More Origin, Milestone or War cards
         - (Preferably) one Team card
         -At least one Team Up Card


  At the start of the game, both players roll a six sided dice. The player that rolled higher goes first. During each turn, a player draws a single card from their twelve card deck, and places it on the table.


    Whether you are using a Super Hero, a Super Villain or a Rookie, you will use a character card to attack your opponent. The type of attack you will use, and how much damage you will cause is based upon your character's Power Ratings.


   As you will see on the back of your character card, Each character has six different Power ratings.

1) Strength
2) Intelligence
3) Energy Projection
4) Mental Powers
5) Fighting Ability
6) Speed

  When you wish to attack, you will roll a six sided dice to determine which of the powers your character will attack with. If you roll a 1, you will be using your character's strength. If you roll a 2 you will be using their intelligence. 

   Your opponent does not need to roll, when they are defending. If you are attacking with a character's strength, then your opponent will defend with their character's strength. If you are attacking with your character's speed, they will use their character's speed to defend.

    If your character's power rating is higher than your opponent's character, then you will do damage to them. Let's say your character has a 6 strength, and the character that is defending has a 4 strength, then the remaining two points of damage get carried over to your opponent.


  You can make a choice, when you are being attacked by the other player. You can choose to use one of your characters, that did not attack last turn, to defend against the attacker. You can also choose to not defend with any of your characters and take the damage from your opponent's players. You do not need to use all of your characters to defend against your opponent's characters. The same goes for attacking- you do not need to attack with all of your characters at once. You can choose to hold a character back to defend. 


  To "Activate" one of your characters, you need to draw a Milestone, Origin or War card. You "Tap" the Milestone, Origin or War card to activate your character. You can only activate one character, when you tap a Milestone, Origin or War card. If you have more than one character drawn, you will need to have more than one Milestone, Origin or War card to activate them.


The team up card in your deck should have at least one of the characters from your deck in it. For example, if you have a Spider-man and Wolverine Team up card, then you should have at least Spider-man or Wolverine in your deck. If you draw the Spider-Man and Wolverine Team Up card first, then you can dig through your deck and pull either Spider-Man or Wolverine from your deck, early. Once you have used the Team Up card to draw your character earlier than you originally would have, then a Team Up card serves the same purpose as a Milestone, Origin or War card.

If the character featured on your team up card is K.O.ed BEFORE you draw the team up card, you can bring that K.O.ed character back into the game.


Cosmic Beings serve the same purpose as Super heroes, Super Villains, or Rookies, with one exception. Cosmic Beings must be saved for after each of your Super Heroes, Super Villains or Rookies are K.O.ed. Cosmic Beings are to be treated like the Puppet Masters behind the battle you and your opponent are having. Cosmic Beings are almost always more powerful than any other characters, and must be activated only after every other character you have has been K.O.ed

When attacked a player that has a Cosmic Being, it is wise to attack using two or more character cards. You can combine the Power Ratings of those characters to use against the power ratings of a single Cosmic Being.


When you draw a Team card from your deck, then you can activate all of your character cards at once, regardless of whether you have enough Milestone, Origin or War cards to activate each of your character's individually.

Ok That should cover the game. Pretty simple right? I would love to play this with you, once this whole Social Distancing situation is far behind us.


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