No Beard Plaguecast Episode Ten: The Dresden Files - Blood Rites

Wait, What Happened to the No Beard Plaguecast Episode 9?

95% of Episode 9 was Material I made for my job. I recorded a Lesson on a Social Skill that students could practice at home with their kids. I didn't think I needed to make a whole Blog entry about that one.

Now, for Episode 10, however, this deserves a blog post.

I go into detail about what I liked and disliked about The Dresden Files Book - Blood Rites. Before that, I give an account of the various things I have been doing while Social Distancing and staying at home.

Here is a hint - I use Zoom A LOT.

I am going to warn you, the sound and lighting for the first 30 seconds of the video are very rough, but it gets better. So please, if you have nothing better to do, take a look at my Review!


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