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Wow, my first new post on this site in over  two years!

  At this point, I am sure many of you have signed up for my newsletter. If not, there is a link to subscribe, right on the front page on the site!

In the very first newsletter, I went into detail about my experience running and participating in Roleplaying games. In the twelve years that I have lived in Texas, and enjoyed playing RPGs, I have been building up a massive shared universe. All of the stories that have spun out of my games are interconnected, like my own personal MCU.

The adventures take place on five different worlds-

EARTH (All of the stories take place in the modern day, so this is happening in the fucked up world we are so familiar with)

GREYJEM (a world heavily influenced by the Dungeons and Dragons and Lamentations of the Flame Princess settings

KERANTHAS (for all of you Magic: The Gathering fans, this world is heavily influenced by Zendikar) 

SHERITAN (Look, the majority of these are influenced by planes in Magic: The Gathering. this world was inspired by Innistrad) 

MONSAI (The last of the MTG inspired worlds. This time, imagine Amonkhet) 

If you made it this far, then this shared universe might seem intriguing to you. Below, I have mapped out when each adventure takes place, and on which of the five linked worlds the adventure occurs. If you subscribe to my newsletter, I will slowly, over time, start sending you chapters of stories, based on these adventures. 

Each one of these adventures could be a novel. Hopefully, they will. 

Please feel free to ask questions about this stuff. 


                            - "The Order of Sera (Parts 1,2 and 3)

November 2014 - EARTH 

                            - "Sharp Enough" 

June 2015 -   EARTH

                            -"Gallo's Humor"

 March 2016 -   EARTH

                      - "Austin Vampire/ Werewolf War"

                      - "Desolate Future"

September 2017 -  SHERITAN

                    - "The Noble of Amar and the Underwater Ruins"

February 2017 -GREYJEM

                    - "Infiltrating Countess Zybella's Factory"

April 2018 -  SHERITAN

                  - "Wrath of the Winter Witch" 

July 2018 - EARTH

                    -"Escape the Forged World Facility"

December 2018 - GREYJEM

                    -"Shadow of the Three Serpents"

February 2019 - EARTH

                    -"Mind Controllers"

March 2019 -GREYJEM

                    -"Searching through the Shadows"

April 2019- GREYJEM

                    -"The Travelling Gardeners"


June 2019 - GREYJEM

                    -"Hunting for Vampires with Norrington Torgo"

December 2019 - GREYJEM

                    -"Reign of the Seven"

June 2020- GREYJEM

                    - "Dragonriders of Denscyca"

December 2021 -  SHERITAN

                    - "Nixed"

 If you count them all, there are twenty adventures on there. I have a few other story beats I didn't include in this initial list. That would just make things even more confusing than I am sure this already is for you. So out of those twenty adventures, each one being a potential novel, which title sounds the most intriguing to you?

Thanks for your time,



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